Life at the Tipping Point, Allegedly

Rising oceans; warming planet.

For millennia, resource issues have been at the heart of the great tragedy that is war. But as global populations continue to rise, the planet’s oil and water supplies are sounding a retreat. Increased violence is expected to follow. Many experts are suggesting that we may have passed the age of “Peak Oil” and begun our downward slouch toward dwindling supply.

Our largest freshwater aquifers are allegedly shrinking at an alarming rate. A climate in carbon-charged turmoil may already be too far gone to sustain life beyond the end of this century.

At the center of our coming century of struggle is Houston. Proud. Able. Responsible?

Houston has been at the center of the global oil addiction from the beginning, benefiting from and enhancing the industrial, chemical and information revolutions. These Twentieth Century convulsions have a darker side. Repeatedly we were warned we were sowing the seeds of our own destruction as as the American Dream drifted from an ideal of practical self-sufficiency to a glutonous free-for-all marked by palatial suburban homes and luxury SUVs.

As a major culprit of our present predicament, Houston should also be at the center of the solution. Research and development, sustainable agriculture, elimination (and not just export) of toxic emissions and air and water quality: all will be a part of EarthHouston.

So come, keep current on our ever-shifting landscape and join the discussion. Our dialogue will be about problem-solving. While we encourage all points of view at this site, don’t expect us to tolerate industry-backed misinformation campaigns. Such high-profile efforts fueled by bad science have allowed the question of climate change to drift too long in the public mind.

What role humans are playing in this shift is fair game, but our warming planet is not yet beyond question.