Cut Your Utility Bills and Save Your Soul!

Going into summer is no joke in Houston — especially when fuel costs are tracking toward such intimidating altitudes. Rolling blackouts this April likely gave us a foretaste of what’s to come. It doesn’t get any easier when we leave the air-conditioned house, either.

Urban Harvest Director Bob Randall picks a tomato from the vine in March of this year. Shifting weather patterns may make it a little more complicated to grow some crops, but growing and buying local, organic produce is still one of the best ways to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and improve our health.

The enormous amount of concrete out there generates even more heat, as do the cars choking through every thoroughfare. The good news is: there are alternatives! You can take simple easy steps that will lower your power bills, increase your energy level and your health. All this without burying the car or building an Earthship home (though that would be okay, too)!

There are ways to cut your utility bills while being kinder to the planet, reduce the heat pummeling your roof, eat cheaper and healthier foods and lower your stress, too. It’s the message of that noble virtue, conservation, true, but it will also be the product of innovation, personal exploration and even a little risk taking. Titillated?

Be sure to remain vigilant in your search for ways to save on those energy bills.