Nights Downtown; Reframed by a Drunk Driving Incident

Sheltered Beginnings

Hilary grew up in Houston, Texas. She loved her city, even though she was always taught to be careful in certain areas. In fact, she lived a pretty sheltered upbringing.

Her parents were concerned with keeping her on the straight and narrow, so she didn’t really have access to a lot of events. After she got drunk at her first party in high school, it suddenly became the only party she was allowed to attend with alcohol or drunks present.

A Longing for Excitement

That meant she would sneak out at night, sometimes getting caught, sometimes not. It really only depended on how much energy her parents felt like devoting to her punishments. When they did choose to punish her, she was exiled without her phone or car for a month at a time.

Newer, Safer Adventures?

When Hilary went away to university, she enjoyed the fresh start. Her parents let her go to University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She wanted to be a journalist, so this was perfect for her.

Canada didn’t have the same rates of crime, so once Hilary was gone, her parents really pushed her out of the nest. They did not want to have to deal with her antics at home, and thought she would start making more responsible choices at school.

Hilary felt completely liberated but a little shocked. Halifax had a huge drinking culture, partly due to the amount of British people that immigrated there when Canada first became a nation. Her school was the oldest university in the country. So she felt like there was a lot of tradition at the school, unfortunately, drinking was part of the package at the time.

Hilary didn’t like that she had to walk everywhere. For a night out on the town, it would be so much easier if she didn’t have to freeze on a walk home or pay for a cab.

Living the High Life

She quickly made friends with some locals who weren’t in school through her clubbing. They adopted her into the group. One of her friends named Anne had a car. Suddenly, going downtown was not such a drag. Anne got them there safely back and forth. She also knew a lot of people everywhere they went. That meant that she could get them into the VIP sections of nightclubs.

Hilary had a really good thing going. Most of her friends from college did not know the locals unless they grew up here. So she felt like she had made special connections with whom to enjoy the city with.

Abrupt Trauma Due to DWI

One night, Hilary and her friends had had enough VIP’ing. They left the club and were all scattered about. Everyone was trying to figure out where the after party was going to be at.

Anne was pulling her car around and someone made an illegal turn and hit her. The driver had been drunk driving for just a second while he was trying to find a place to park his car for the night. Knowing a number of DWI attorneys serving Greater Houston, she knew that this was a crime.

Lingering Effects of Drunk Driving

This driver ended up with a DWI related criminal charge even though he swore he was only moving his vehicle so it wouldn’t get towed. Anne hit her head really hard on the wheel but she recovered with no sustained injuries. It made Hilary unfortunately turn completely reclusive. She lost connection with all her friends because she was terrified to ever go downtown.

Hilary did eventually get her degree, but will not drive at night around areas where it is possible that people could be drunk driving.