Houstonian Sentenced to Life in Prison for Drunk Driving

Going to jail for drunk driving is one thing, but when you are sentenced to life in prison for merely driving while slightly intoxicated a new level of tyranny is reached. I was reading the Houston Chronicle’s website online and ran across the story of a Houston man who got a life sentence for his ninth DWI conviction. A link to the story is below and has been placed there for your convenience.

Donald Middleton, 56, has been sentenced to life in prison for his ninth DWI.

Donald Middleton, 56, had already spent at least four stints behind prison walls for his drunken-driving convictions before he was arrested and charged in May 2015 for a new DWI charge in Montgomery County.

According to the Montgomery County Police Reporter, Middleton took the stand during his sentencing proceedings and told the court that his drinking began as a freshman in high school after years of being picked on by classmates. The outlet reported that Middleton showed no remorse for his latest crash. SOURCE

Talk about funny. So let me get this right, you’re blaming the fact that you’ve been arrested nine times for drunk driving on something that happened 40 years ago in high school? I see absolutely no reason why anyone should be up in arms about this idiot being sentenced to life in jail.